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by Michael W. Newman

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Let God's 8 gifts lead you through the challenge of grief and loss.  A youth version is available for young people middle school age and up.

64 pages

Devotion and journal section after each chapter.

Discover five "strands" of DNA that give hope for every church and every follower of Christ.  Learn and implement Gospel DNA in your life!

232 pages

Discussion Guide Included

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Fifty-two short devotions that address broken hearts and provide lasting hope

224 pages

Devotion Guide Included

Find out what the last book of the Bible really means in a clear, enjoyable and reliable way.

340 pages

Discussion Guide Included

Examine 16 lies the devil tells you as you fight the spiritual battle of this life. Find the encouragement and strength you need.

292 pages

Discussion Guide Included

Take an honest look at your struggles and find a new way to get through them by God's grace. 

196 pages

Discussion Guide Included

If you're angry with God or have written His existence off, this short story may open the door to considering Him again.

110 pages

Discussion Guide Included

Discover answers to your most important questions about the afterlife.

102 pages

Discussion Guide Included

Are you looking for meaning?  You're not alone.  Find it in the beautiful blessing of God's presence, gifts, and purpose.

212 pages

Discussion Guide Included

Four small prayer books lead you through dealing with Anger, Negativity, Dishonesty, and Internet Activity.

48 pages each

Volume one of devotional stories for families and youth. God's life lessons bring wisdom and grace.

224 pages

Discussion/Study Guide Included

Volume two of devotional stories for families and youth that bring life lessons from a family in a small town.

202 pages

Devotion/Study Guide Included

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