Part 2 of Stories Behind "Hope When Your Heart Breaks"

My goal is not to depress you or to force you to endure an insufferable journey through dark and dismal events. By revisiting the deep and muck-filled trenches of my own grief, I hope to help you understand how I could write accurately about the dark valleys and deep crevices of heartbreak and how the passage through these pitch-black places can be very slow and painstaking. When you experience loss, your story doesn’t feel like it has a silver lining or a bright side. Heartbreak convinces you that the sun will definitely not come out tomorrow. In April of 1982, twelve years after the murder of my grandfather, I received the horrible news that my twenty-seven-year-old cousin was shot and

Stories Behind "Hope When Your Heart Breaks"

Someone asked me recently how I could write about grief and loss in a way that seemed like I really “got it.” The question made me realize that I should probably share some of my personal journey of experiencing heartbreak—my vantage point for mining the depths of anguish caused by loss. So, over the next few blog posts, I’m going to tell some stories that shaped me in my understanding of loss and led me to test the legitimacy of hope. Allow me to begin with what seemed like a normal spring day, April 22, 1970. I can’t remember the details of how my brothers and I arrived home after school that day. We may have taken the customary school bus ride back to our neighborhood. With only one

Trouble With Men

Matt Lauer. Garrison Keillor. Add them to the growing list of men who have been hurtful, domineering, abusive, and careless toward women. Add them to the anonymous reservoir of gratuitous cads who have victimized and continue to victimize countless women. The public scandal is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the shadowlands of male misbehavior. Then there are the names of men I don’t even want to mention who have ravaged innocent lives through the ongoing epidemic of mass shootings. Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. Charleston. Newtown. An article I recently read insightfully pointed out that we not only have a problem, we have a man problem. Men are at the center of the destr


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